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Lamborghini-Motor, photographiert von Marc Stantien

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Optics by Carl Zeiss

Technical Information (Part 3)

Optics by Carl Zeiss - for high-class lenses

Lenses by Carl Zeiss are the global benchmark for picture quality in any lens class, be it 35 mm, medium format, or special uses like mobile phones or chip production. Their picture quality makes full use of the abilities of today's color films and digital sensors or exceeds them, often by far.

Carl Zeiss manufactures all lenses with extremely tight tolerences, ensuring a constantly high optical quality for each lens in a series.

The Carl Zeiss T* Multilayer-Antireflex-Coating of lense surfaces is used in conjunction with flare absorbing elements. This delivers brilliant pictures and intense colors.

Over the past 4 years, Hartblei has reached significant improvements concerning the quality of their new line of lenses, their efforts supported by Carl Zeiss. The current Superrotators are equipped with lens groups completely "Made in Germany" by Carl Zeiss. These lens groups are being assembled in Germany and embedded into Hartblei barrels made from German special aluminium.

We at Hartblei take every effort to deliver a maximum of precision and optical quality to our customers.

Of course, Hartblei is growing with this effort. There will always be developments that allow for further improvements of quality. Our goal is to fulfill and exceed the high standards of our partner Carl Zeiss, while at the same providing perfect products and service to our customers.

Our products are just as good as your photos are.

That's what we work for.

We look forward to your success!


Our products

Currently there are three lenses available in this series:

and the reduced set of lenses, consisting of the three lenses mentioned above:


by Marc Stantien
Hartblei 4/40 IF TS with Nikon D2X, ISO 100, f/16, 1/60 sec

"Das 40er ist ja an der Nikon D2x ein 60er, also die ideale Standardbrennweite fürs Studio."
Mark Stantien

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